About Us

What is Urban Medley ?

A medley of heritage, art and fine craftsmanship. In other words, all things beautiful, which adds a little more colour and fun to life. It recognizes and celebrates traditional art, embroidery and printing forms of India which if not supported today by the conscious consumers a rich heritage may be lost to us forever.

Why are we Urban Medley ?

Because  we create every product specially for you, so that you can make it a part of your urban life- your busy, everyday life where often you  miss out on taking a moment to relax, enjoy and relish the small but finer things.

Urban Medley is not aimed simply to create a transparent brand but it is about sharing a style statement which proudly reflects tradition intercepted with bold strokes of modernity. It’s colorful, boundless, energetic and involves a lot of experimentation.

We are not bound by age, gender, race,  colour and not even size, hence we choose sustainable, handmade ethically produced accessories, as our main focus point. We give you the space to create your own style using the many fashion items  we bring to you on this platform.

Why wear Urban Medley ?

We are different than others in this trade. And how is it that we stand apart?

We are not just about the craft but also about the artisan. Our designers work with groups and communities thus helping them to be independent and proudly continue their traditions. Our designers help the artisans to balance tradition with contemporary designs, helps them to commercialize as they continue to use their age- old methods and production processes.

Some of the art forms we are promoting presently are Block printing, Madhubani, and Kala cotton or Organic cotton. Our fabrics are all sustainable,handmade, ethically produced.

We shall be adding more stories as we go along, it will be an ongoing process.

As an ethical and sustainable brand at every step we try to make a difference in the lives of people we work with. From product to packaging – there is a story being shared.

Urban Medley is not about mass productions and machine-made perfection, it is all handcrafted, so there is room for minute imperfections and minor blemishes which then translates to the uniqueness of the final product and therefore no two will be an exact copy.

Our mission; is to introduce you to the items produced by upcoming designers and artisans from India who are working relentlessly to revive traditional art forms and sustainable fashion. Fashion that transcends beyond India and proudly claim to be truly global.

Urban Medley is a transparent and sustainable business which has wide sustainable impacts and helps communities to develop and reduce the footprints we leave behind for a healthier Planet Earth. Our Sustainable Impacts

Urban Medley is an endeavour to bring ethical fashion, reflecting a sustainable heritage to the lives of today’s urbanites. You can wear a piece of Urban Medley with pride as it represents so much more than merely a fashion statement.