Khara Kapas- A love affair with Organic Cotton

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Khara Kapas- A love affair with Organic Cotton

I am not a fashionista nor someone obsessed with dressing up makeup or wardrobe upgrades. clothes. However, two things were very important for me as far as dressing was concerned. My clothes needed to be comfortable no matter what activity I was involved in and appropriate for the occasion. Oh!  and one other thing it needed to stand out in a subtle way.  Not loud or elaborate but stand out for it’s  simplicity and be calmly elegant.  

Much before I knew anything about sustainability or ethical fashion I realized I was drawn towards bio cotton- There was something about the fabric, it was simple smart and crisp (recall our starched  ironed school uniforms) and always managed to stand out. I always had the feel cotton was so full of character and attitude, it had this inherent quality of being different. The colours looked brighter and it was so very comfortable. The fact that it didn’t hug the body, given I had no figure to boast of was an added attraction.

There are so many varieties in cotton that there was always something no matter what the occasion. Did you know there are over 100 varieties of cotton?

Born in India and having lived there till my late teens, cotton was always there to keep the sweltering heat at bay. Cotton dresses, sarees, scarves, trousers- name it.  Never a fan of synthetics, most unconsciously, it seems now I was supporting a sustainable lifestyle. My love for the fabric bio cotton,continued even when I shifted base to cooler countries. Layering with cotton helped keep warm even when I had to face the brunt of Russian winters! This is something that is not often understood, how well cotton can keep you snug during the frosty days.

Given my love for the fabric it was no coincidence that I reached out to Khara Kapas when we launched Urban Medley.

bio cotton 

‘Khara Kapas’ meaning ‘pure cotton’ in Hindi  or bio cotton as we refer to it today,started with a belief that well-designed clothes made from pure fabrics can bring happiness into people’s everyday life. Their products are handcrafted and made from pure, homegrown Indian fabrics. It is home to an incredible ensemble of cotton variants and Indian handlooms, often experimenting with mulmul, chanderi, linen and the 100% organic cotton variant – kala cotton. The founder Shilpa Yadav, swears by using cotton and just that to make beautiful apparel and cotton accessories.

 Playing with an array of prints, colour patterns and designs, they are in it  to achieve simplicity through handpicked fabrics, well-thought designs and ethical business practices.

Kala cotton or organic cotton is indigenous to Kutch and organic, as the farmers do not use any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is a purely rain-fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests and requires minimal investment. It is resilient and resurgent in the face of difficult land conditions.

 In the early market systems of Kutch, farmers and weavers worked together to create rich, organic woven textiles from local, old world’s cotton – making it a part of vibrant national legacy of creating cloth from the first to last step on Indian soil.

Khara Kapas works closely with artisans and weavers from across the country to serve the penchant of cotton lovers. With the help of these weavers,  celebrate Indian culture, tradition and the rich heritage.

This collection is designed reminiscing the tradition of Kala Cotton. It’s raw and rustic charm shines through minimalistic timeless pieces, in earthy colours of vegetable dyes, ornamenting the collection’s purity. The fabric and dye combination is skin-friendly, easy to care, and perfect for all climates.

In the words of  Shilpi, the founder of Khara Kapas,  – I had no target or plan for Khara Kapas. What I did possess was a passion for creating and designing. I stayed true to my heart and my natural design instinct. I began by designing for my personal wardrobe and recycled the pieces I made to create distinct looks. I prefer to opt for the comfort of now, the joys to celebrate in every moment. Cotton has always been a staple with me for its endurance and breathability. It was this confidence and passion that led me to take my art beyond my wardrobe and start a clothing label that was an extension of the style of my person.

Urban Medley truly relates to the philosophy of celebrating every moment and keeping it all very simple and elegant.

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